BNZ Biathlon proficiency award program

what are BNZ biathlon awards?
BNZ Biathlon Awards are given once an athlete attains a given standard of biathlon proficiency.
who can earn a BNZ Biathlon Award?
The awards are open to all ages and abilities, but to be eligible you must be a member of a biathlon club.
how are ATHLETES assessed?
Athletes are assessed by BNZ instructors annually on snow towards the end of the ski season.
A BNZ Biathlon Award describes the "standard" of an athlete's biathlon skills.

Open to athletes of all ages.

Awards are graded by colour, starting with Bronze (first season of biathlon) and ending at Platinum (international competitor level).

Athletes are assessed for their award level during September of each snow season by BNZ instructors. The instructors are looking for skill under these categories:

- Equipment understanding
- Marksmanship
- Biathlon techniques
- Competitive biathlon experience

Awards will be presented at the annual Wanaka Biathlon Club end of season event. School sports administrators will also be informed of their students' awards giving them the opportunity to recognise their achievements.

There is no cost to be enrolled in the award system - as a member of a BNZ affiliated club (e.g. Wanaka Biathlon Club) an athlete becomes eligible.
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Award Levels

The BNZ Biathlon Awards start at Bronze which covers safety and basic procedures which should be attainable in an athlete's first season.
Silver introduces the need to shoot under pressure, be it weather, higher exertion or a short biathlon competition.
At Gold level, the athlete will be able to shoot from standing position as well as on the smaller prone targets when in prone supported position.
Finally, Platinum level would see the athlete competent enough to ski with rifle on back and able enough to compete in the BNZ National Championships held every September at Snow Farm.

See the Award cards below to learn more...

If you would like to achieve a BNZ Award, contact BNZ to learn about biathlon training programs run at Snow Farm by Wanaka Biathlon Club.

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