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How to try biathlon in NZ?
The Snow Farm, 40 minutes outside Wanaka, is the only on-snow biathlon venue in New Zealand.
Throughout the winter season - July through to late September
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Biathlon Is a challenging sport, which requires not only fitness but mental strength to overcome the adversities that shooting will throw at you.  The skills acquired from biathlon include persistence, calmness and a desire to improve every time you ski and shoot. If this sounds like you then come and try!

Laser Biathlon
Experience the challenge of biathlon and away from the snow. Laser biathlon is a fun activity for all ages that will leave you with a sense of how hard it is to shoot accurately when you've been physically active and under a bit of friendly competitive pressure. Find out more below.....

On-snow Biathlon Experience
If you're coming to Snow Farm, you and your group may be able to take part in an on-snow biathlon experience using Wanaka Biathlon Club's biathlon range. BNZ will be offering this to school and other groups visiting Snow Farm this year. Find out more below.....
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Laser Biathlon

Laser Biathlon uses "laser" rifles fired at special biathlon targets. The rifles do not use bullets, but instead fire a light pulse which triggers the target. Laser rifles are 100% safe; approved by Police, you do not need firearms training or a licence. The rifles look, feel and operate exactly as a biathlon rifle, but are silent and have no recoil. The rifles are suitable for use by adults and children older than 8 when under BNZ's supervision.

BNZ launched a Laser Biathlon experience in 2022. We will come to a number of schools, youth groups and events and set up a mini biathlon range where you can try the sport. As it's biathlon, there's going to be a fun physical element which could be a short run, a few gym exercises or even using a Ski Ergo cross country ski machine. But don't worry, Laser Biathlon is all about fun and challenging you to perform under a little bit of light competitive pressure with your friends.

If you think that Laser Biathlon could be a fun activity for your group, let us know.

Images courtesy of Laser Biathlon GB
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On-snow Biathlon Experience

BNZ now offer a number of on-snow Biathlon Experiences at Snow Farm NZ in conjunction with Wanaka Biathlon Club. These will be aimed at all ages, from primary school children, senior school and youth groups and corporate or organised adult groups.

(note - for children below age 12, the biathlon experience will use laser rather than .22 rifles)

In addition, all schools that attend a ski program at Snow Farm will be able to participate in a ‘Try Biathlon’ session on snow. School sports program managers are to advise Snow Farm if they are interested in this on snow experience and it will be arranged. To maximise the benefit of this experience we recommend having a Try Laser Biathlon session at your school beforehand.

Contact BNZ for more details.

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