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Campbell Wright ready for the 20 km Individual Race

February 8, 2022

On Tuesday night, at 9:41 pm NZ time, Campbell Wright will begin his Olympic competition journey as he pushes off from the start line of the 20 km Individual Race.

Campbell is starting with bib 22 - surely an auspicious number in a race where ensuring your .22 calibre bullets hit the targets is key.

Most of the top skiers have early start times, with favourite JT Boe (bib 2) and Quentin Fillon Maillet (bib 11) on the tracks 5 minutes ahead of Campbell.

The prediction is for a race where shooting will be critical. Conditions have been windy, and with 1 minute penalty for each missed shot, there's extra pressure on the range.

There's no pressure on Campbell though. As with every biathlon race, there's a fine line between a great result and a poor one - but whatever comes tonight, we know Campbell will have done his best!

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