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Campbell Wright scores 20th place at World Champs!

February 15, 2023

After what Campbell described as two 'mediocre' races in Sprint and Pursuit ('mediocre' being a reactive term, he finished a highly respectable 46th and 45th respectively in those races, well ahead of 65 of the World's best racers), Campbell put in the best performance so far this season in coming 20th in the 20km Individual race.  Campbell's shooting was world class, faultless in prone, and 8 out 10 standing. It's a biathlon tradition to speculate on what might have been, but in this case, had he hit all 20, he'd have been in 6th place.  

Oberhof is a challenging yet rewarding venue. Located in the heart of the Thuringian Forest mountain range in former East Germany and surrounded by tall dense forests and steep winding tracks, Oberhof always is tough.  The addition of up to 40 thousand spectators in close proximity to the tracks and a range sited in a natural crucible makes for an intense experience.  

Campbell was lucky to have his father Scott and his three brothers Paul, Luke and Dan present to lead the NZ delegation.  As ever, a huge thanks goes to US Biathlon for their continued help and support of Campbell - we at Biathlon NZ fully appreciate it. 

Next stop for Campbell with be Shchuchinsk,Kazakhstan, for the IBU Youth & Junior World Championship of Biathlon.

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