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20 km Individual result from Beijing 2022

February 9, 2022

Campbell had an amazing race last night - enjoyed by all of us biathlon fans at NZQH in Apres Cardrona. What a night!

His shooting of 0,1,1,0 was world class.  Only missing 2 targets in four visits to the range, and shooting fast, was proof of his nerve.  

His ski performance was also great and he attacked the deceptively hard course which was said to be steeper and harder physically than any World Cup race.

In finishing 32nd from 92 starters he did all of us proud.

"I'm super happy," ​Campbell told Sky after the race. "Of course, I can't compete for a medal because I'm still young in the sport of biathlon, but I'm really happy with how I went today.

"I turned it on; I don't know how but I turned it on, so I'm really stoked with today."

​Next up is the 10km sprint on Saturday evening. Come on down to watch at Cardrona - there's room for all.

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